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How Tire Paint Pens Can Save Your Life on the Road

The tire paint pen is a wonderful, inventive way of showing off your creative side as a motorcycle enthusiast, which you can use for lettering or painting your motorbike’s tire trends. This creates an artistic look which blends with the beauty of your bike by highlighting the tires in a unique and inventive way.

But it’s not just about aesthetics. Did you know that applying paint pens to your tires could save your life on the road?


Tire paints are ideal for increasing the contrast between the rider and the background; most motorbikes have what we call cool colors painted on them, and while you are on the road, you may seem to recede and merge with the background, therefore reducing your visibility as seen by oncoming traffic. Application of tire paint increases the contrast in depth and reflection of visible light, making it easier for you to be seen by oncoming cars, pedestrians, and traffic.

According to the European Road Safety Observatory, one of the leading causes of car-to-motorcycle accidents is “Inattention Blindness.” This is when you don’t perceive an object that is clearly in your line of vision. For example, a truck driver may not see a motorbike through the rearview mirror or at an intersection, because his attention was fully absorbed by something else, or perhaps because he expected to see another car rather than a motorcycle.

Inattention Blindness happens mostly in normal conditions when the attention of a driver is likely to be engaged with something else, and it can happen to even the best drivers. In this regard, the high visibility and illuminated glowing tire paint pen that you artistically applied to your tires will increase your visibility, thereby preventing motorcycle accidents.

Other benefits that you can achieve with an illuminated tire paint is that it is readily perceptible in low light conditions, whether it be misty, foggy, snowy, or night time.

There are many different colors and types of paint you can choose from, according to your taste, but be sure to pick a color that will also help to increase your visibility, as perceived by the traffic around you. Bright, vibrant colors work best.

In short, motorcycle tire paint pens are a good way for you to stay safe on the road while bringing out the artistic nature in your lifestyle.