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The Importance of Microsoft Enterprise Software

Enterprise software is computer software used to satisfy the needs of large organizations like schools, governments, and businesses. Microsoft offers an enterprise agreement package for organizations that have 250 or more personal computers. It is mainly a three-year contract with the ability to be renewed for an additional 3 years or another year.

Microsoft enterprise software products licensed under this agreement are Windows XP Professional, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange, Systems Management Server, and SharePoint. Windows XP Professional has certain features not available in the home edition.

For instance, it allows a Windows computer to become part of a Windows Server domain (a group of computers that are remotely managed by one or more core servers) definitely a feature that many large businesses would want.

Also, Remote Desktop server allows PC’s on the same network (or over the internet) to operate one another.

Windows XP Professional features also include IIS (Internet Information Services), which is Microsoft’s HTTP and FTP server allowing business computers to transfer files to one another directly. Windows XP Professional also comes with many security features many business want like a file encryption system and an access control scheme that controls user permissions.

What business doesn’t want the well-known Microsoft Office? A group of applications, servers, and services that allow any office work to be completed easily. Documents, spreadsheets, and databases can all be done with Microsoft Office. It has definitely revolutionized the way businesses work today. Without it, many businesses would fall apart.

One can argue that Microsoft Office is truly the best Microsoft enterprise software there is. The Microsoft Exchange software is a calendaring and mail server that runs on the Windows Server product line, giving businesses their own mail server is essential for communication within the business. The ways all these software are licensed for the businesses to use are through client access licenses provided by Microsoft.

Finally, what business would not want SharePoint? A web application in the Microsoft Office server suite that has features like document management, content management, enterprise social networking, workflow management, and web content management. These are only some of its features.

In conclusion, it is evident that modern business cannot survive without Microsoft enterprise software. The software definitely benefits businesses by buying them time, thus saving them more money.